Monday, December 1, 2008

i am compiling

nominations for a new year's resolution. it's december first, so you know, gotta start thinking about these things.

1. cut down smoking to "only when i drink".
- benefits: i will not be spending inordinate amounts of money on a (by and large) useless habit. and something to do with health.
- drawbacks: i will, inevitably, always be either drunk or hung over and cranky. this does not seem to me a good way to improve on my efficiency or quality of life. REJECTED.

2. limit the hours i waste on the internet.
- benefits: presumably, this will lead to getting more important things accomplished on my off-time.
- drawbacks: well, nothing really except that i don't want to. UNDER CONSIDERATION.

3. be smarter with money.
- benefits: duh.
- drawbacks: "be smarter" has no practically executable value whatsoever. UNDER CONSIDERATION.

4. be more considerate of other people's needs and feelings.
- benefits: feel... better about myself? well, more responsible. is more responsible better? more righteous, maybe. umm... nicer?
- drawbacks: involves developing mind-reading skills, as people's needs and feelings are all too rarely clearly communicated. UNDER CONSIDERATION.

5. clearly communicate my needs and feelings.
- benefits: in a perfect world, this would mean a greater chance of having said needs and feelings be taken seriously.
- drawbacks: in the real world, pretty much everything. REJECTED.

6. ok, here's a good one. no seriously, this is good. considering that i am an inherently impulsive person with a self-discipline deficiency, who quickly becomes deeply unhappy with absolute rules, i could work towards a more realistic goal of allowing myself a limited amount of "bad idea" decisions. like say, five per month.
examples include, but are not limited, to:

"i have an early day tomorrow, but would much rather have another five drinks and dance till 4am than go home and to bed." bad decision! one! four more to go.
"i'm still behind on rent, but there's a new csi game i just downloaded a trial version of, and my credit card is right here." bad decision! two! three more to go.

- benefits: moderation seems more achievable in smaller packages.
- drawbacks: will five per month be enough? shit. maybe in dire situations i can "borrow" an extra indulgence credit from the following month's stock? UNDER SERIOUS CONSIDERATION.

sigh. this is the crap that i spend my time obsessing over these days.
i'm in serious need of some cosmic inspiration here.


Susanne said...

OK, here are my thoughts, as your pragmatic better half.

1. Too difficult to get back on track if you fuck up.

2. Hmm, I guess it depends just how much you're wasting. I'm sure something good comes of it too. Maybe just do more creative useful stuff on the Internet instead.

3. Duh indeed. But I think you should come up with a concrete goal. Something measurable and attainable. Then you feel good when you accomplish it.

4. Good idea, but don't make a resolution to change who you are. I mean, is this sensibly doable?

5. Agree to your drawbacks.

6. Giving a limit of bad decisions is an interesting approach. As long as 5 is below the number of bad decisions you're usually making per month.

I vote for number 6. But maybe with some modifications. This might also accomplish number 3 by association, and unlike number 3, addresses the problem rather than its symptom.

This's all I have.

annievee said...

i currently have a position open as "life coach" on my staff. interested? the application would be merely a formality.

and yes, five is SIGNIFICANTLY below the number of bad decisions i usually make in a month. remind me to tell you about my life sometime... just make sure you have a couple hours to waste on messenger and a good bottle of wine sitting around.