Thursday, November 13, 2008

sick to my stomach.

maybe i should consult a book. the internet is useless when it comes to the important things. yes... a book. preferably a heavy leather-bound one, the kind that has nothing but etchings on the cover, and all the hand-drawn diagrams inside make your head spin along with the smell of mothballs.

maybe i should see a psychic. maybe i should not see a psychic. maybe i should see a shrink. maybe i should see a friend. not a friend. a stranger. a priest. maybe i should throw some coins in a wishing well. maybe i should get really, really high and speak in tongues and keep a tape recorder nearby. maybe i should sleep for a week straight.

maybe i should pack my bags and say my goodbyes quickly, brazenly and forever. maybe i should flush my phone down the toilet. maybe i should maybe i should maybe i should i don't know.

i'm watching everything much too carefully, like some old gypsy lady trying to read postcards from the universe. if only something - anything, really anything - could tell me what to do with my stupid heart.
i just can't catch a break......


Hugonof said...

Few years ago one of my friends was getting divorced and I was supporting her. We went to a psychic who incidentally read my future. She predicted I was traveling away from my country, that I will be happier here and that I will have two supportive mentors. She never mention about my heart, though :(
I hope you have better luck.


PS BTW, are you into modeling? If not, you should give it a try.

annievee said...

thank you, and thank you. :) i am not actually seriously considering a psychic - i haven't had the best experiences with them in the past. and either way, it would probably be a cop-out at this point, for me... though i'm glad to hear it's worked out for you.

i model occasionally, mostly for art projects.